About us


Designed and founded by Gözde Tekin, FAUV STUDIO is a resort wear and swim wear brand established in the year 2016 in Istanbul. The brand, evolved according to the needs of progressing fashion and art perceptions, gives priority to creation of a fashion sense directly in contact with art. The fundamental sources of inspiration of the brand are the photographs, carrying unique vacation moments of world-wide famous artists, taken by Slim Aarons. The aim is to provide visual contribution to modern people to spend time in glamorous places. FAUV STUDIO embraces a comfort and quality based, art-loving fashion understanding.


Each pattern, which are the most distinctive characteristic of the collection, is created with various painting techniques as a result of long hours of working. Possessing one of a kind expressions and spirits, these patterns are inspired by Joan Miró Ferra and Henri Matisse who happen to be one of the most important artists of their time. The patterns are designed with the objective to present the nature’s existence not by the look but by what is desired. The dynamic and genuine color palette reflecting the spirit of the collection is equally scattered through the whole collection. All textures used in garment consist natural fabrics are delicately chosen to harmonise with the collection.